Bad Mouthing Comedy - The Trevor Flavor

The ability to tell funny stories has long been regarded as a unique gift possessed by a very special few. And now, Trevor Tugume, has mastered the art and is all out to make the audience entertained and laugh.

“I have been a businessman around town, but finally I have decided to venture into comedy. I started engaging myself and leaning the dynamics of comedy in 2013, but it is this year that I have rolled out into real business of comedy,” adds Tugume, who uses the stage name of Bad Mouth.

“Bad mouth, when you use the oxford dictionary, is about criticizing something, in relation, comedy is about criticism embedded in entertainment and directed to a target audience,” he explains. He refers to his comedy as observational comedy.

“I call it 101. To sum it up, my comedy is based on issues that affect people in their day to day basis. I find it funny because it has some elements of truth in real life.

To master the finer points in performing comedy, Bad Mouth learnt by observing the pros.

“I first watched American comedy, and it’s those comedians that inspired me. And I happen to have an American friend who took me through the technicalities of comedy. I am inspired by international comedians like the late George Carlin, the late Robbin Wiliams, Robert Kelly and Steve Harvey”.

Comedy is an exact science. You have to know the set up, the punch lines, gestures and body movement.

And he seems to have learnt the old adage, ‘it’s not what you say but how you say it’.

“Comedy is my passion. I love comedy because it’s associated with the public. When you laugh, and make people laugh, it’s a pleasure to see that you make someone laugh and they release that stress,” with his physique, customary wig on the head and witty storylines, Bad Mouth looks set to make a mark in the standup comedy industry.

“The point here is not about taking over the already existing comedians. The essence is what am I giving to the community. My style is unique. I inform the audience on what is happening in our society. At the same time, I entertain the audience. If this style is maintained and taken to the stage and to the audience, I believe I will make a mark”.

Already, performing opportunities are already flowing in. “I have performed at Laftaz, comedy files and fun factory”.

For a person who started early this year, Bad Mouth still has a lot of tales to crack.           

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