Bakulu Power Improving Energy Access And Efficiency In Rural Communities

Bakulu Power Improving Energy Access And Efficiency In Rural Communities

Bakulumpagi-Wamala Lucia is the founder and Cheif Executive Officer (CEO) of Bakulu Power, a Ugandan renewable energy company. Bakulu Power is currently developing 3 solar mini-grids on islands off Lake Victoria and a clean cooking fuel (biomass) production plant on a refugee camp in Western Uganda.

“Our core purpose is to power local communities by providing residential and commercial clients with clean, affordable renewable energy systems tailored to their specific needs,” reads the company profile.

Whether it’s a standalone rooftop installation or a hybrid application, Bakulu Power provides custom, scalable solutions designed to meet a broad spectrum of energy requirements in an array of operating conditions.

The company’s goal is to design and build integrated, highly efficient systems that increase electrification for end users and reduce utility costs. Providing reliable, cost-effective energy solutions to homes and businesses will ignite industries and foster socioeconomic transformation and sustainable development in these communities.

Bakulu Power delivers renewable energy solutions such as but not limited to: solar systems (off grid and grid connected), solar water pumping units, biogas digesters, biomass gasification systems, solar street lighting, charcoal briquetting units, carbonising units, improved cook stoves, micro and pico hydro systems, hybrid diesel biogas or lpg generator sets and battery backup units.

In March, Forbes named Lucia, the founder as one of the 30 most promising young entrepreneurs in Africa.

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