Eid Adhuha To Be Celebrated On 12th September

Eid Adhuha To Be Celebrated On 12th September

The Director of Sharia, Sheik Yahaya Ibrahim Kakungulu has issued a press release informing all Muslims and the general public in Uganda that Sunday 11th September 2016 will be the day of Arafat.

This year’s Eid Adhuha will therefore be celebrated on Monday September 12th 2016.

The National Prayers will be held at the National Mosque, UMSC Headquarters Old Kampala starting at 9:00 am, and they will be led by His Eminence the Mufti of Uganda Shk. Shaban Ramadhan Mubaje.

The Khutubah (Sermon) will be delivered by the Head of Imams at the National Mosque, Shk. Hussein Rajab Kakooza.

The press release issued by director of Sharia, Sheik Yahaya Ibrahim.

In the release, Sheikh Kakungulu urged Muslims to keep time and to slaughter healthy animals for Eid Adhuha in remembrance of Prophet Ibrahim and Ismail (A.S) commitments. He further called upon Muslims to celebrate in line with Islamic teachings.

Due to the large number of Muslims expected for Eid prayers, vehicles will not be allowed inside the National Mosque compound.

Muslims have also been urged to cooperate with the security personnel, for peaceful Eid prayers.

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