Homey Camping Experience At Mabira Rainforest Lodge

Homey Camping Experience At Mabira Rainforest Lodge

Escape the hustle and bustle of Kampala and spend a couple of days away from it all at a rainforest lodge in central Uganda’s only rainforest, Mabira.

Mabira Rainforest Lodge is an up market oasis of comfort and relaxation, surrounded by a rainforest where you walk, hike, bird, or just read a book.

A quiet place in an ancient rainforest which was first inhabited by pygmies, the original people of forests such as Mabira Forest, where they lived in harmony with their surroundings gathering and hunting only what they needed leaving a small ecological footprint behind.

So too, Mabira Rainforest Lodge has made a minimal impact on its environment, a creation that harmonizes nature with a modern eco-lodge, providing a place of rest and renewal for the weary.

The Lodge is built on a hill overlooking the peaceful rainforest before it.  Everything about the lodge is made from natural materials all blending a beautiful harmony with its surrounding.

You are welcomed to the lodge with a hospital Ugandan welcome and some from refreshments – the rooms are a delight, looking on the evergreen of the forest that surrounds the lodge. 

The large screened windows open in a way that you feel you are one with the forest that surrounds you, the perfect setting with its comfortable bed, tasteful furnishings, along with plenty of hot water for a refreshing hike in the forest.

Sit on your balcony and drink in the beauty that surrounds you or take a guided walk through the forest with its beautiful plants, flower trees, the sounds and sights of birds while monkeys scurry about in the treetops.

The swimming pool in the middle of Mabira Forest.

Take a morning walk through the forest, or track the Uganda Mangabey Monkeys which are a rare species and Mabira Forest is one of the few places in Uganda where you can see them.

Rains are normal during mid-day and great to experience while you’re swimming; you can run from the pool to the steaming sauna to get warm. In between, you may sometime hear the Hornbill couples communicating to each other high up in the forest trees.

Enjoy a delightful dinner at the Lodge and afterwards sit by the campfire outside, listen to the cry of the hyrax in the night, accented by owls letting you know that they are around as keepers of the night.

Although about 45 minutes drive from Kampala or Jinja, Mabira Rainforest Lodge is a great place to stay and feel like you are in a distant forest, away from the crowds.

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