Jungle Survival Techniques Displayed In Nakasero Market

Jungle Survival Techniques Displayed In Nakasero Market

As police demolished Park Yard Market downtown Kampala this week, more people have been thrust into the vending chaos in the city.

They will have to play cat and mouse with the Kampala City Council Authority wardens who continue to confiscate their merchandise.

It is this setting which has led to ‘jungle survival’ tendencies, this time in the brick and mortar jungle that is the city. Many scuffles have turned into fist-punches as wardens and vendors fend off each other.

Vendor (in red) fends off a revenue collector in Nakasero Market. Kampala.

A casual laborer fends off an attack by a city revenue collector, and threatens a bloody-knife retaliation if he dares to confiscate the fruits he is vending.

In the end, the taxman retreated from his aggressive approach and left the man to vend his fruits, but left promising to come back.

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