Kyambura Gorge, The Valley Of Apes

Kyambura Gorge, The Valley Of Apes

Kyambura Gorge is one sunken tropical forest in the Western Rift Valley hidden, as most people bypass it during their time at Queen Elizabeth National Park and miss the scenic wonder of the underground forest.

Viewing Kyambura Gorge from above, one may think there is nothing more than shrubs in a valley. But brave the slope down and your eyes will be treated to nature’s hospitality.

Also called the ‘Valley of Apes’, the gorge is located in the far eastern corner of the well- known Queen Elizabeth National Park in south western Uganda.

Approximately 1 km across – at its broadest point and about 100 meters deep, this gorge is drained by River Kayambura.  The steep slopes of the gorge are sheltered by a verdant riverine forest. Tourists who fear to traverse the gorge view it from the top. Braver souls hike down via well beaten tracks.

Some of the primates you will find in the 'Valley of Apes'.

They are welcomed by sounds of different wild animals and birds, in the trees and in the water. On top of being a home to chimpanzees, there are other primates to be found here, including red-tailed monkey, black-and-white colobus, vervet monkeys and baboons.

Some trees’ roots have grown so big and intricate that they appear like gnarled wooden boats, while others lie on the floor, having started their corrosion process.

“The Gorge has variety of different eco-systems which need to be preserved,” says the Queen Elizabeth national park area conservation manager.

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