Localising Internet Content Through First African ICANN

Localising Internet Content Through First African ICANN

Expanding Africa's internet business means that the continent will be in a better position to create applications that can be solved day-to-day issues, according to Pierre Dandjinou, Vice President of ICANN Africa.

Dandjinou said this to CNBC Africa in light of the recent set up of the first African Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) in Nairobi, in partnership with the Ministry of Information, Communications and Technology and the Communications Authority of Kenya.

ICANN is the international nonprofit organisation that governs the internet with regards to maintenance and procedures of databases related to the namespaces of the internet.

"ICANN being in Nairobi means that we are here for business, we are here for supporting Africa to really enter the internet business industry - ours is kind of a tiny job meaning we are coordinating the critical resources of the internet (domain names and IP addresses) because without those there is no internet," said Pierre Dandjinou, Vice President of ICANN Africa.

He also said it noticed that Africa needs to be included in policy development and be in a position to be at the same standing as other more advanced continents in terms of trading domain names and in terms of content development and application.

"No internet without energy, once we are talking about the internet, we'll be thinking about the infrastructure but having appropriate energy is quite important to us."

Business internet in Africa means that we are in a position to create those applications that actually solve day-to-day issues for us - what we are providing here is just the tools.

"Africa is really catching up I would say, what we still need to be doing now is increasing the rate of innovations that solve peoples issues and for that we want business to play its own role."

Dandjinou says Africa has cables surrounding it but there is still more that needs to be done, he says we now need to work on the content that we need to develop and he tasks every country to focus on that.

"We do have a tool of actually developing your own application into your own languages and that is where Africa is going to benefit - we do have the resources to be talking on the web in our own languages and I do believe that is where we are really going to gain."

Localising internet content is quite important to them and ICANN is there to provide the framework in terms of numbers and protocols not necessarily in the content development side.

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