Museveni Commissions Police Cadets And Constables

Museveni Commissions Police Cadets And Constables

President Museveni has commissioned over 1,200 cadets and 2,000 Police constables who graduated today from Kabalye Police Training School in Masindi.

The group, comprising engineers, pilots and IT officers, has undergone a 15-training course.

In his remarks, the President explained to the graduates the difference between a country and a state. The former is the land and the population, while the latter means organised authority over the country. It is possible to have a country without a state.

One of the pillars of a state is the security apparatus; the police and army. Others are the judiciary and legislature.

Officers display skills on the tactical planning table

President Museveni added that "We have been building security systematically. With the police, we have been dealing with the issue of numbers and our target is a 74,000-strong force.

But we are also we are dealing with quality. Police constables should have Senior 6 qualifications."

He stressed that unlike the army, police officers sometimes must act alone. They should therefore be able to read and write, for example, record a statement. Therefore it is important that the police is literate..

Regarding the welfare of Police and security agencies in general, the President said that, "Regarding housing, we have lived in 'mama ingia pole' for a long time. Now is the time for government to build permanent houses for the forces.

Also, government schools near police and army barracks should admit children of those serving in the forces and these study free upto S6.

Some of the officers who were passed out during the parade at Kabalye Police Training School

Spouses of security personnel will be assisted to establish some income generating activities around the barracks".

The graduands were cautioned to maintain and live a healthy lifestyle.

President Museveni congratulated the commissioned cadets and constables, the Inspector General of Police, staff of the college and parents of the graduands.

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