Nakasero, The Fresh Fruit Sale Point

Nakasero, The Fresh Fruit Sale Point

A lady sells mangoes on top of a Pick-Up truck

In the middle of Kampala city lies a sale point that is the leading supplier of fresh fruits and vegetables to city dwellers. The sale point is Nakasero Market.  The market, built in 1927, has over 300 vendors.

Vendor (in white T-shirt), packs fruits for a customer

 Every night, delivery truck arrive at the market with fresh fruit and vegetable supplies from various point upcountry, and even some imported from neighboring countries like Kenya. By morning the fruit and vegetables are along the supply chain to hotels, restaurants, families, other markets and vendors.

The fruits are brought in in the wooden crates in the background

Fruits and vegetables sold here include mangoes, oranges, tomatoes, onions, cucmbers, green vegetables.

A vendor attends to a customer, while another vendor arranges ovacadoes on display 

 Seated under umbrellas, the vendors sale the fruits both in retail and wholesale. The prices vary, as bargaining between customers and vendors is common.

Umbrellas are used to give a shade

The old market building can no longer accomodate all the vendors.

The red buildings are the old market buildings


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