Patongo, A Prison In Need Of Service

Agago District is one of the districts in the Acholiland region. The district is bordered by Kitgum District to the north, Kotido District to the northeast, Abim District to the east, Otuke District, to the south, and Pader District to the west. It lies approximately 370 kilometres north of Kampala, Uganda’s capital city. Agago was curved out of Pader in 2010.

Inmates sit down for a parade session, as a warden stands guard.

According to the 2014 Uganda National Population and Housing Census, Agago has a total population of 227,486.

One of the inmates at Patongo, seated during a parade.

One of the common places in Agago is Patongo Government Prison in Patongo Sub County.

Signpost guiding towards Patongo prison.

During one of the fieldwork expeditions, Nhill Films was in Patongo prison with a team from Justice Law and Order Sector.

Although the prison has a new building, there are still dilapidated buildings, some used for housing the inmates.

A section of the room where inmates sleep.

Most of the inmates sleep on the floor, with very little beddings.

Thousands of inmates in Uganda are spending their nights standing in jails as there is not enough space for them to lie down. It is estimated that nearly 28,000 inmates are facing the situation due to lack of funding for prisons by the Ugandan government.

Inmates take shelter from the sun.
A secton of the dormitory, showing the beddings on the floor.


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