UWA To Uproot Invasive Species In The National Parks

UWA To Uproot Invasive Species In The National Parks

The fight against Invasive species in the national parks is in high gear. The mass uproot of alien plants in Queen Elizabeth and Lake Mburo has been launched by Minister of State for Tourism Hon. Godfrey Kiwanda and Uganda Wildlife Authority Executive Director Dr. Andrew Seguya.

The eradication of Invasive will bolster better visibility of wildlife to tourists and reduce population surge of it outside the protected areas.

Invasive weeds, most especially the congress weed, are threating the co-existence of biodiversity in Queen Elizabeth National Park more than poaching.

The weed is poisonous to humans and animals. Once inhaled it causes respiratory problems like chocking, coughing and sneezing, and to animals it causes abortions when it is accidentally chewed with other grass.

Other types of invasive species include the Karahari tree and lantana camera.

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