When Women Ride Bicycles More Than Men

When Women Ride Bicycles More Than Men

The art of balancing 2 wheels is one of the challenging means of transport. But once you have learnt this art, it in turns looks easy. That’s why for many, learning how to ride a bicycle is always a bruise-venture. Many people still have scars that they got in the process.

A girl rides a bicycle, on her way to fetch water (Agago)

Riding a bicycle used to be considered strictly a man’s affair. Not anymore. In Agago district in northern Uganda, more women and girls now ride bicycles more than ever before. This is representative of the Acholi region, where many women and girls ride bicycles.

A man rides a bicycle carrying 2 children. (Agago)

They use the bicycles to fetch water, run errands, collect firewood and go to the market. School going girls ride bicycles to and from school.

Man riding a bicycle, while carrying a sack (Agago)

Because of the fairly flat terrain, they can ride bicycles for long journeys. 

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